Regular Car Servicing: Is it Necessary?

For a safe and reliable running of your automobile, it is important to schedule regular service. Usually, it is a series of maintenance steps or procedures that are carried out at a specific time or intervals. Regular services are also referred to as Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS). Typically, you know your car is due for service when it has covered given number of miles.

What is involved?
The service includes about 6 checks, vehicle interior, vehicle exterior, pre-alignment check, under the bonnet, under the vehicle, service item replacement and a final vehicle road test as well as stamping on the service book.

The checks involved in vehicle interior include checking instruments, warning lights, horn, windscreen wipers, interior lights, clutch operation in case of a manual transmission vehicle, seat belts, air conditioner system, and engine diagnostic codes.

Vehicle exterior checks include exterior lights and lamps, the condition and operation of the door, the boot condition and operation, fuel cap operation and condition and finally the mirror operation and condition.

Pre-alignment check involves checking the steering wheel, suspension linkages and ball joints for wear, damage and condition, shock absorbers and springs as the suspension unit of the vehicle, and tire inspection where the tread pressure and alignment check is done.

Under the bonnet the following checks are done; battery and battery wiring, test electrics such as battery, alternator and the starter motor, coolant level its strength and condition, the boiling point of brake fluid as well as the condition, bonnet catch operation, Brake pipes and hoses, power steering fluid, auxiliary drive belt, and the radiator.

Also, under the vehicle visual brake checks, full brake inspection, fuel pipes for routing, damages and corrosion, the engine, transmission and rear axle train, drive, drive shaft joints and gaiters for wear and possible damage and the exhaust system and mounting are checked.

For the service item replacement, the engine oil, and filter, top up windscreen washer fluid, replacement of fuel filter, especially for diesel cars, and finally replacement of air filters.

Besides your car being, a convenient means of transport, it is necessary for you to have it serviced for the sake of having a smooth and trouble-free movement. There are several reasons why you should have your car serviced at regular intervals. Read on to find out more.

This is one of the main benefits of servicing your car as this may even help to save lives. Servicing can be the difference between saving your life and losing it. It enables you to drive your vehicle in tranquility knowing that critical part of the vehicle, for example, the brakes are in tip-top shape. It enables you to analyze and even replace the critical parts of the vehicle that guarantee your safety. If you’re maybe traveling over a long distance, a good service of your vehicle will help you guarantee that the vehicle will be able to go the distance and not break down in the middle of nowhere.

Maintains the value of the vehicle
Buying a vehicle is the same as buying a property or an object which one could use as an asset. Therefore, anyone who owns an asset would definitely like to preserve its value and not commit actions that are going to depreciate its value. In the case of a car, one needs to perform constantly servicing on it so that it stays in the best possible condition. Regular checkups of the internal parts of the vehicle, for example, the pistons, bolts and power plugs that keep the car running will ensure that the car maintains its value for a long time to come. This will be very helpful when one decides to sell the vehicle.

Ensures the car is running efficiently.
Doing a good and thorough service can be the difference between enjoying the full potential of your car and having a car that just takes money out of your pocket but gives you no joy. Cars are meant to have regular checkups in order for them to run efficiently. This is because most parts including power plugs, brake pads, and even tires wear out on consistent use. Proper and timely servicing helps to rectify these issues.

Saves you money
It is well known in the motoring world that using a vehicle that is not serviced will end up costing you more than paying for the servicing of your vehicle. If your engine is not running properly and your oil has not been changed, then you will end up using more fuel just because the core systems in your vehicle are not running properly. It is also cheaper to service a certain part of your vehicle that is worn out rather than having to buy a whole part later when it breaks down. It therefore saves you money when you service your vehicle.

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